Postpartum Doula Support

If you need an extra set of hands or just an extra set of ears, I am there to help you focus on your recovery and bonding with baby. Move forward smoothly and confidently knowing you have someone there to answer questions with the most up-to-date research and to share tips and tricks for how to manage the emotional journey of newborn care. Get professional care for the whole family as you navigate the addition of baby and find your unique rhythm as confident, empowered parents.



Custom hours booked to help when you need it most. Start your day with a shower and a hot meal. Have your questions answered, learn some soothing tricks, or get in that much-needed nap in the afternoon.


Wake up from a restful night knowing your laundry is folded, the house is tidy, and hot coffee and happy baby cuddles are waiting.

Postpartum Base Packages


All families begin services with the purchase of a base package. Support is booked on a first-come, first-served basis & 

pre-purchased packages are offered at prorated fees. 

Daytime Support - 4 hours   $140

Overnight Support - 8 hours   $250

20 Hours:   $600
50 Hours:   $1400
90 Hours:   $2250

Custom hours with configurations of minimum 2 daytime hours & minimum 5-hour overnights are available as needed for families that have already used their base package hours.

Give the gift of postpartum support, perfect for baby showers! 

What postpartum support can include:


Infant Feeding Support


No matter how you nourish your baby, feeding support can make a big difference in daily newborn life. From solving basic breastfeeding questions to providing information on supplementation and pumping to simply lending a hand with bottle feeding and sanitization. We can work together to reach your feeding goals.

Newborn Care


Rest assured that those quirky newborn characteristics are totally normal. Learn effective ways to bathe, swaddle, soothe, and encourage healthy development in your newborn. If you have questions about carriers, cloth diapers, or any of the baby equipment around your home, I can assist with set up and use. Every part of newborn care is a chance for families to connect and form that very special bond. 

Sleep Assistance


Sleep deprivation is very real with a new baby in the home. It affects the whole household and can make new parenthood feel overwhelming. I can help you spot the developmental leaps that will cause more sleepless nights and develope holistic sleep plans that will help you reach your goals and get more shut-eye. I offer assistance with scheduling during the day as well as full overnight care so you can sneak in the full nights rest you have been missing. 

Rest, Recover, Refresh


Sometimes we just need a moment or a morning to reset and feel refreshed. Take that time for yourself to rest, nap, or shower while your baby is well cared for. I can recommend products and ways to promote relaxation and comfort for common postpartum pains and if you are unsure how to balance family and friends that are willing to come help, we can plan to make the most of the support you have available. 

Household/Organizational Support


Creating a functional flow of space to support parenting (i.e. nursing/diaper changing/tummy time stations throughout the home) helps the days go by smoothly. I offer to help with home organizing, quick errands and groceries pick up, snack and light meal prep, and light cleaning. Sometimes just having your laundry done and put away, dishes clean and clutter out of sight will help you feel on top of this whole new baby thing. Want to wake up to a tidy house and fresh coffee? Overnight support might be for you.

Emotional Support


The first few months with a new baby inevitably bring many ups and downs. I am there to listen to your experiences, concerns, hopes, and fears and help partners process their own feelings as well as find practical ways to support the birth parent. All clients will have the opportunity to process their birth experience and any emotions they have in their postpartum time. I offer reassurance and perspective, watching for signs of postpartum blues or mood disorders. If any additional support is needed, I help families find the resources they need. 

Whole Family Support


If there are siblings in the home, it can feel impossible to split your time with them and really bond with baby. I offer care for older children while you savor that special cuddle session with your newest, or baby can rest with me while you spend some quality time with their siblings. Just a little one on one time can make all family members feel special and connected. 


Resources and Connections to the Local Community


Besides offering a private online portal full of resources, I am happy to refer families to any needed specialists or support in their community. Building a village is hard and you don't have to do it alone. 


Chelsie Duckworth  

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