Need someone to provide resources and newborn care skills with compassion, empathy, and understanding as you navigate the transition to parenthood? 

Postpartum Support Includes

*Help to process the experience of giving birth

*Light meal and snack preparation

*Baby and sibling care while you rest, nap, shower, or just have some you time

*Advice on how to make the most of the support you have available 

*Breastfeeding support: getting a good latch, positioning, timing

*Help with pumping, bottle feeding, and sanitizing

*Advice and help with bathing baby

*Ideas for bonding and encouraging development

*Help with relaxation and comfort measures to ease common postpartum pains

*Home organization and functional flow of space to support parenting (i.e. nursing/diaper

    changing/tummy time stations throughout the home)

*Evidence-based advice on a range of normal newborn care issues

*Assistance with the learning of baby carriers

*Emotional support with reassurance and perspective

*Help partners find practical ways to support the birth parent

*Help with errands and accompanying the family to the pediatrician or other appointments

*Referrals to specialists and local resources as needed

*Phone and text support






      The postpartum period is an incredibly beautiful and vulnerable time for a family. I am here to answer your strangest questions, to tell you what is normal, to truly get to know you, and then to truly listen to you. The goal is to increase your comfort, decrease anxiety, and make you feel confident in your bond with baby and prepared to make choices with evidence-based information. 

     As your postpartum doula, I will help guide you through this transitional time with support for you and your family. Whether you need an extra set of hands to get some light cleaning, cooking, sleeping, or coffee making done or just an extra set of ears, I will be there while you focus on your recovery and bonding with baby.  I know that no two babies or two families are alike and that having help while you find your unique rhythm going forward will help you be confident and empowered parents.