What to bring to your hospital birth

You can pick and choose from this list of things to bring with you. Different things work for different people so you bring what you think will be a comfort while you are away from home. I do suggest is keeping two separate bags for things needed During labor and things you will want after labor for mom, partner and baby.


  • Insurance card and pre-admission paperwork

  • I suggest buying or using some loose, easily removed clothing if you are not comfortable with the hospital gown. Amazon even has some very soft, stretchy labor gowns.

  • A robe. This is great for keeping warm and walking the halls.

  • Socks with grip or slippers.

  • Tie bikini or bralette for water.

  • Playlists of your favorite relaxing and energizing music.

  • Focal point item (a picture, baby item, something meaningful) to focus on during contractions

  • Lip balm

  • Hair ties

  • Chargers for all of your electronics and a power strip/surge protector to plug it all into.

  • Toiletries for mom and partner (toothbrush, toothpaste, breath freshener, deodorant, nail clippers)

  • Snacks for partner such as sandwiches, fruit, protein bars (keep in mind what they will do to your breath)

  • Partner swimsuit to join in the water as well as a change of clothes and sweatshirt or lightweight jacket

  • Reading material, games, things to keep occupied if mom is napping.


  • Hot and cold therapies

  • Rebozo

  • Massage tools

  • Oils for massage or scent

  • Snacks

  • Speakers

  • Candles

  • Many of the things above in case you forget something


  • Pillows from home (use brightly colored cases to distinguish from the hospital)

  • Nursing bra

  • Boppy or breastfeeding pillow

  • Cosmetics

  • Lounge and going-home clothing (Something that won't sit tight on your tummy) A maxi dress is a good choice or even a pair of loose sweatpants

  • Snacks and favorite treats

  • Reading materials

  • Some people bring their own towel since the hospital ones are not luxurious, but you decide if you want to deal with bringing it home

  • Take all of the things from the hospital! Waterproof pads, Witch Hazel pads, perineal ice packs, Mesh underwear, dermoplast spray, baby diapers.


  • Car seat (must be in place before you'll be allowed to leave the hospital)

  • Going home outfit and any outfits you want in the hospital and for photos (Simple onesie bodysuits work best)

  • Receiving blanket

  • Outside blanket, bunting, booties and hat (in cold weather)

Chelsie Duckworth


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