Want to build a strong birth team with extra support? Add someone that will provide you with compassion and guidance throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth.  


As a labor doula, I provide support throughout pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum period. I will provide you with evidence-based information, help to define your birth wishes and preferred comfort measures and create a birth space that is unique to you. During labor, I help ensure that parents' thoughts and emotions are honored, that partners and family feel connected, and that we do our best to achieve the birth experience envisioned. I am happy to support your choices anywhere along the spectrum of pain management. 


Labor Support Package



 *Complimentary consultation

*Birth and Postpartum Planning Session 

*Individualized support for the whole family unit

*On-call support for questions and concerns by phone, text, or email throughout pregnancy

*Continuous support through active labor with the use of rebozo, massage, and preferred comfort measures

*Support for 1-2 hours immediate postpartum to help initiate breastfeeding (if chosen) and bonding

*One postpartum visit within 3 weeks of baby's birth to help with feeding, soothing, and organizational support    

*A written timeline of your birth

*Light birth photography**

*Sharing of birth, postpartum, and parenting resources in the community through an online custom client portal







*Payment options, bartering, and return client discounts available.

**I provide complimentary light birth photography for all clients who wish to have it, however, my role as doula comes first and birth shots are not guaranteed.